We can supply many different reptiles and send a weekly list to our customers by email updating them on the latest stock available. We only use reputable suppliers who are based here in the UK. The livestock available are mainly captive bred and include Leopard Geckos, Yemen Chameleons, Water Dragons, Bosc Monitors, Corn Snakes and various Pythons. Our most popular reptiles are turtles and we usually stock Mississippi Map, Yellow Bellied, and Musk. Others can be supplied if required.


We have a varied selection of popular amphibians, such as newts, frogs, toads and salamanders, including various types of Axolotls. The majority of our amphibians are captive bred in the UK ensuring good quality and reputable sourcing. We are happy to talk through your requirements.


We can obtain a good selection of invertebrates including many types of spiders, for example Red-Knee Tarantulas and Goliath Bird Eating Spiders. Also available are a variety of scorpions, freshwater crabs, millipedes, snails and shrimps.

For outdoor ponds Ramshorn snails and swan mussels are also available in the warmer months.

Our list changes on a weekly basis and is sent to our customers accordingly to ensure they are aware of current availability. We will also endeavour to source any special requests.

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