Tropical Fish

At South Coast Tropics we strive to answer the individual needs and requests of our customers. We hold an extensive range of tropical fish with new stock coming in on a weekly basis from only the most reputable suppliers found in Asia, the Americas, Africa and Europe. From Neon Tetras to Golden Nugget Plecostomus, or Silver Sharks to Electric Blue Rams, we have them all in our tropical holding facility. This area is heat controlled allowing for the different needs of certain fish and our tanks are filtered separately to ensure no cross contamination can occur. It is here that our fish are quarantined for a minimum of one week to ensure good quality stock. All our fish are health checked on a daily basis and are only sent out to customers after a final inspection.

Our fish are always packed on the same day of delivery in a heated environment to ensure limited heat loss or stress to the fish.

Whether you need to replenish your stocks or require a particular fish, please contact us, as we are here to help.

Coldwater Fish

We stock a large selection of coldwater and fancy goldfish, sourced from selected breeders and suppliers based in Asia, the Americas, Israel and here in the UK. Some of our most popular varieties of pond fish include Koi, Ghost Koi, Golden Orfe, Shubunkins, Sarasa Comets and various Goldfish including Canary Yellows. Our fancy Goldfish range from Black Moors to Orandas and Bubble Eyes, to name but a few.

As with our tropical fish we quarantine our coldwater fish for a minimum of one week to ensure good quality stock.

Soft Corals & Anemone

Our soft corals and anemones are mainly sourced from countries in Asia, such as Indonesia and Singapore and are a must have for any marine retailer. We only select extra large pieces for our stocks therefore giving our customers greater value for money.

If preferred smaller pieces are available on request.

Consolidated shipments

Consolidated shipments for tropical, marine and coldwater fish are also available from many suppliers across the globe. When placing your orders you can have great confidence in knowing the shipments are from the same suppliers we use ourselves. Please contact us for further details. This service is for customers who do not require the fish to be quarantined before delivery.



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